Summer Wear

Knowing what to wear for the summer is pretty easy, but knowing how to put a complete look together isn’t so.In the summer, you always want to wear something practical such as: shorts, capris, short sleeve shirts, and skirts. But what most people forget are ACCESSORIES! Yes girls, you need rings and necklaces and so much more. Accessories add flare and excitement to every look, so don’t be bland. Add Accessories!


As you can probably see, I have HUGE news to share with you fashionistas on a budget. Starting next week, I will have a new page called “High Look Low Price”. On this page I will post fashionable finds with low prices. To me, a $30 shirt is not cheap, and for the rest of you that think the same, follow my blog. Stay fashionable my friends!

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip

The one thing i love about Vegas is it’s variety of casinos. They are filled with lights, fun, and excitement. The strip is a lot of fun, with so many people dressed in costumes, you can’t take anyone seriously.

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